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        Freight Car Components and Par
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        No.169, Binhe South Road, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province,China


        Freight Car Components and Parts

        High quality, dependable railcar parts for you!

              We are a complete and manufacturer of a wide variety of castings, forgings, weldings and fabrications, which are used on the Railcar, Railroad, Trucking system, including Body Center Plate, Horizontal Wear Liner, S.S Vertical Wear Liner, Body Brake Lever, Push Rod, Coupler Carrier Wear Plate, Follower Block Y46 & Y44, Brake Clevis, Brake Rod Jaw, Brake Pins, Vibrator Bracket, Uncoupling Lever, Draft Gear Key, Front/Rear Draft Lug, Door Hinge and so on. Some parts are approved by AAR design and material requirements.

        Relying on our core principles of delivering on-time, high-quality and affordable capacity, we have six plants to supply over 300 parts for the Freight Car industry we served. Our facilities provide our clients with the latest technology and equipments to expedite the shipments more efficiently. We are looking forward to working with your company when high-quality castings, forgings and fabrications are in need of.

        Please stay a while, we can help you reduce the costs and win the markets.


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